Current research projects:

  • Data Analytics for Bioinformatics
  • Personalised Stroke Occurrence Prediction (with NISAN and CAS-China)
  • Personalised Risk of CVD Prediction

Predictive personalised modelling for modelling anaesthetic procedures

The project will continue to utilise a hybrid knowledge-engineering and model-based simulation of patient physiology for early identification of issues in patients under anaesthesia/intensive monitoring. The project aims to develop a decision support system based on NeuCube particularly for haemodynamic management (such as Massive Transfusion Protocol).

Project Team

  • Prof. N. Kasabov
  • Dr. A. Lowe
  • G. Hamano

A Web-based system for personalised prediction of stroke occurrence based on climate and personal data

This project will implement as an application Web-based system the method for personalised modelling and prediction of stroke occurrence from personal and spatio-temporal climate data. Both an NZ version and a version for China in the Chinese language will be developed.

Project Team

  • Prof. N. Kasabov
  • Prof. V. Feigin
  • Prof. Z.-G. Hou (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
  • R. Krishnamurthi
  • M. Othman

A holistic framework for personalised predictive modelling of cardiac disorders

This project will continue to explore and utilise the use of internationally available multimodal data for patients with heritable cardiac disorders. The data comprises hundreds of patients with clinical as well as extensive single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) data. The results achieved in INTELLECTE will form the foundation of a new model that will take a more holistic approach in that there will be more clinical data to explore.

Project Team

  • Prof. N. Kasabov
  • A/Prof. C. Higgins
  • Dr. D. Love (LabPlus, Auckland City Hospital)
  • A/Prof. D. Parry
  • V. Breen