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Paramedic response to acute stroke; investigating current practice and outcomes.

Stroke is a major cause of mortality and morbidity but outcomes can be optimised if healthcare is accessed promptly.  There is currently a critical lack of knowledge about the pre-hospital phase of acute stroke care in New Zealand, combined with an international absence of information describing how paramedic care contributes to health outcomes of stroke patients.  This study seeks to address these deficiencies by establishing the current standard of EMS care of acute stroke patients in New Zealand and to compare this standard with international reports of paramedic care.  Furthermore, the study will utilise the unique HRC-funded ARCOS IV Programme 2011-2013 database which holds population-based stroke incidence and outcomes for over 2000 stroke patients in Auckland. This project uses an epidemiological approach and applies quantitative methods to investigate the quality of pre-hospital emergency care and its relationship to health outcome measures in acute stroke.  This unique combination of the extensive ARCOS database with the detailed reporting from ambulance documentation will create a rare opportunity to explore the crucial pre-hospital phase of patient care in acute stroke.

Primary Supervisor:  Dr Rita Krishnamurthi
Secondary Supervisor: Professor Valery Feigin
Third Supervisor: Dr Andrew Swain

Bronwyn completed a Master of Science in Health Economics at The University of York in England and has worked in health care for more than 25 years as an advanced paramedic, a registered nurse, a researcher and a Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine at AUT.

Her PhD study is supported by a Health Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowship Career Development Award.


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