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We conduct research in the area of information and knowledge engineering. We invite you to do your doctoral (PhD) studies with us. This page has the areas of study we cover.

Areas of PhD study which are aligned to our research themes:

  • Novel Methods of Computational Intelligence
  • Neurocomputation and Neuroinformatics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data Mining and Decision Support
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Study of Creativity


Data Mining & Knowledge Engineering

This paper covers a wide range of techniques in modern Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing disciplines. It also looks at the interplay between Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning. Solutions to practical problems from a wide range of disciplines will be discussed.


The paper covers the area of computational, mathematical and information processing methods for biological data collection, storage, processing and for knowledge discovery from this data. Practical work is included on DNA sequence data, micro-array gene expression data, protein data, decision support systems in areas of Science and Engineering, Medicine, Health, Agriculture, Horticulture, Bio-protection.


The paper introduces students to the contemporary development and the necessary skills to understand and analyse the vast amount of Neuroinformatics (NI) data and information including: relevant databases, ontologies, brain atlases, EEG, fMRI and other data, computational modeling techniques, brain-computer interfaces, neuromorphic computation. The paper is interdisciplinary and suitable for students from information and computer sciences, engineering, environmental and health sciences, cognitive science, art and design, sport, neuroeconomics.

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