KEDRI journal paper voted the best paper in prestigious Journal

25 Sep 2018

The editorial board of a prestigious international journal Neural Networks, published by Elsevier, has selected the paper led by Prof Kasabov which includes a team from 4 countries and 6 labs in AUT as the best paper for 2016 published in this journal. Every year the Board selects the ‘best paper biennial’, based on quality of the paper, scientific rigour and impact. The awarded paper enhances the prestige of research carried out at AUT. The paper is available through the AUT Library:

N. Kasabov, N. Scott, E.Tu, S. Marks, N.Sengupta, E.Capecci, M.Othman, M. Doborjeh, N.Murli, R.Hartono, J.Espinosa-Ramos, L.Zhou, F.Alvi, G.Wang, D.Taylor, V. Feigin, S. Gulyaev, M.Mahmoudh, Z-G.Hou, J.Yang, Design methodology and selected applications of evolving spatio- temporal data machines in the NeuCube neuromorphic framework, Neural Networks, v.78, 1-14, 2016.