23 March 2009 - Prof. Kasabov and Dr Pang's Visit to NiCT and NAIST in Japan

21 Jun 2016

Prof. N.Kasabov and Dr Paul Pang visited the collaborating organisations NiCT (National Institute of Communication and Information Technologies) in Tokyo and NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) to present the KEDRI 2008 report on a joint project and to plan a new project in the future in the area of novel computational intelligence techniques for cyber- security.

Visit to NiCT and NAIST
On the photo from left to right: Dr T.Ban (NICT), Gregory (PhD student at NAIST), Prof. Y.Kadobayashi (Director, NICT and NAIST laboratories) , Prof. N.Kasabov (Director KEDRI), Dr Paul Pang (KEDRI), Prof. Xu (China) and Dr. Zonghua Zhang (NICT).