KEDRI & Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Automation (CASIA) Collaborate

21 Jun 2016

KEDRI and CASIA have been involved in a joint research project since 2010 and their collaboration has resulted in several Journal Papers, 1 joint Patent, Conference presentations and workshops presented together with the intention of developing new Information technologies for prediction of non- communicable diseases such as stroke and in rehabilitation robots. The work also involves members of NISAN (Prof. Valery Feigin) and Health & Rehabilitation Research Institute (Associate Prof. Denise Taylor). During the last workshop held in Beijing from 3 – 5 July, 2014, KEDRI and CASIA presented  their current research with the intention of submitting a new research proposal for a collaboration on a larger scale, leading to commercial development.  The  KEDRI group comprised of Prof. Nikola Kasabov, Associate Prof. Denise Taylor, and PhD students : Nathan Scott & Muhaini Othman.  The meeting was also attended by Dr. Al Ross, Counsellor, Science & Innovation, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, NZ Embassy in Beijing, who commented that “the KEDRI –CASIA collaboration is a role model for future collaboration between New Zealand and China, in Science & Innovation”.

Members at the workshop help in CASIA, Beijing.

Weibo is China’s equivalent of Twitter. Dr. Al Ross, Counsellor, Science & Innovation, NZ Embassy, Beijing, recently posted an article regarding this collaboration on the Embassy page.