Data Mining & Big Data Group

Welcome to the Data Mining & Big Data Group of KEDRI!

The Data Mining & Big Data Group is developing new methods and systems for big data modelling, prediction, data mining, rule extraction and understanding, including real time data.

The Lab works on several projects, including:

In this research, we have used multiple time-series readings of seismic activity prior to the earthquake, applying a SNN architecture called NeuCube. Although NeuCube was designed to map and model brain signals, we have found that SNN can be successfully used for early and accurate prediction of hazardous events.

A NeuCube-based system is used to model relationship between ozone concentrations and simultaneous increments of temperature, periods of elevated nitrogen monoxide concentrations and ozone episodes. We can also determine the reasons why nocturnal spikes are most likely to be found in certain areas.

This R&D system uses the NeuCube for modelling and understanding spatial and temporal data from multi-sensory networks. NeuCube can incorporate spatial information - such as the geographical coordinates of wind turbines - and temporal data from diverse variables - such as wind velocity and wind direction - for wind energy forecasting.