Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition Group

Welcome to the Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition Group of KEDRI!

The Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition Group is developing new methods and systems for signal analysis, pattern recognition, pattern understanding and predictive data modelling from from image and video data.

The Lab is working on several projects, including:

An R&D system that allows deep learning of video data and for accurate classification of moving objects captured in the data using eSNN.

This aging model is based on evolving spiking neural network NeuCube. The utility of aging model is tested for age group classification and gender recognition.

The proposed research is part of a decision support system based on brain-inspired, facial, social and emotional analysis approach that measures human emotions and behaviours. The automated Affective analysis will lead to the development of Spiking Neural Network (SNN) model of Cognitive Affective-Quotient (SNN-CAQ).