Study of Creativity Group

Welcome to the Study of Creativity Group of KEDRI!

The Study of Creativity Group is developing new methods and systems for audio-visual information processing, for concept formation, learning languages and Virtual Reality visualisation for the data and process understanding.

This is a collaboration between KEDRI, AUT Creative Technologies, and AUT Sentience Lab.

The Lab is working on several projects, including:

The virtual reality project called NeuVis is a specialised 3D visualisation system for NeuCube that harnesses the strength of modern computer graphics hardware and software to allow the user to naturally explore the spatial distribution of neurons and connections, as well as observing and controlling spiking activity in real-time.

This system can be used for:

  • On-line EEG data visualisation
  • Off-line EEG data visualisation
  • Cognitive games
  • Brain Computer Interfaces
  • Seismic and earthquake visualisation in a real time
  • Visualisation of many other computational systems for the sake of data and process understanding

The NeuCube is used to develop a system that can process audio-visual information in a brain-like way, to explore if the spiking neural network can create conceptual representations of the input provided. This R&D system includes: