Elisa Capecci

Dr Elisa Capecci holds a MSc equivalent in Biochemistry from the University of Granada, Spain, and a PhD in Computer Science from AUT. She worked at KEDRI as a Research Fellow for the SRIF 17-18 INTERACT project and was a lecturer of the Bioinformatics course held by the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences of AUT. During her time in KEDRI, she investigated the early prediction of cognitive impairment and neurological disorders with the NeuCube spiking neural networks methodology, and contributed to the Bioinformatics research. Her main research interests fall in the areas of bioinformatics, computational biology and chemistry, computational neuroscience and machine learning.

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  • PhD Computer Science
  • BSc/Ms Chemistry/Biochemistry


Prizes or Scholarships:

  • Dean’s Excellence Award for outstanding performance in postgraduate studies in 2015;
  • KEDRI Award for Efforts & Achievements 2014;
  • AUT Summer Doctoral Research Assistantship Award 2013

Teaching Area:

  • Bioinformatics



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