Sajith Jamal


Sajith Dilshan Jamal is currently doing his PhD under Prof. Nikola Kasabov. His topic of study is "A comparative analysis of speech recognition using Spiking Neural Networks against second generation neural networks".

The research will create a Spiking Neural Network and be trained to recognize speech with as high a degree of accuracy as possible. Parallel to this, second generation neural networks like Recurrent Neural Networks will be built and trained to recognize speech as well. A comparative analysis between the developed models will then be made to assess quality,accuracy,speed and other features of the neural networks and their outputs in order to assess which neural network performs the best under set scenarios and circumstances.


  • B.Eng (Hons.) Software Engineering from University of Westminster, England(2013)
  • Msc. Advanced Software Engineering  from University of Westminster, England(2017)

Research area:

  • Spiking Neural Networks
  • Speech Recognition