8th June 2012 - 12th Conference on Neuro-Computing and Evolving Intelligence (NCEI'12)

The NCEI 2012 workshop is organized as a pre-conference workshop held just before the WCCI'12 in Brisbane, Australia (June 10-15, 2012).

NCEI’12 conference/workshop is a continuation of a previous conference series in NZ - ANNES, established in 1993. This conference aims at promoting research and development activities focused on advanced intelligent computing techniques by providing a vibrant and effective forum across a variety of disciplines. The scope of the conference includes a range of techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Brain Computer Interfaces, Informatics Theory and Applications, Computational Neuroscience, Neuromorphic computation, Bioinformatics, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining and Health Informatics.

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Special session at the WCCI

Title: Spiking Neural Networks for Spatio- and Spectro-Temporal Data Modelling and Pattern Recognition: Methods, Systems, Applications
Date: 10 -15 June 2012

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