Introducing NeuroGeMs: Multimodal Fusion and Interpretability in Machine Learning

NeuroGeMs software is developed as one of the significant outcomes of KEDRI’s MBIE funded project led by Prof Nik Kasabov (Science leader) and Dr Maryam Doborjeh (principal investigator) in collaboration with NTU (Singapore). The development was conducted by PhD student Sugam Budhraja, was launched at the iAIM2023 international AI in medicine conference) in August 2023 in Singapore. NeuroGeMs focuses on enhancing machine learning with features like multimodal fusion and interpretability. It's designed to streamline data management, model creation, and experiments. With its user-friendly interface, it's a great fit for beginners and pros alike. The KEDRI team is gearing up to release NeuroGeMs to the public very soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

Key features

  1. Multimodal Fusion: Effortlessly integrate data from diverse sources and modalities. NeuroGeMs  empowers you to harness the full potential of your data and extract valuable insights through advanced fusion techniques.
  2. Interpretability: Gain deeper understanding and build trust in your models with NeuroGeMs 's comprehensive interpretability module. Easily analyse and explain model decisions, making your AI applications more transparent and ethically sound.
  3. Efficient Dataset Management: Organise and manage your datasets like a with NeuroGeMs' user-friendly tab for handling data. Seamlessly import, clean, and preprocess data to ensure the highest data quality for your experiments.
  4. Intuitive Model Creation: NeuroGeMs provides a smooth workflow to create, customise and fine-tune machine learning models, accommodating both beginners and seasoned data scientists.
  5. Streamlined Experimentation: Run, monitor, and save experiments with ease using NeuroGeMs 's smart experiment management feature. Spend less time on logistics and more time on innovation.
  6. Data Visualisation at Your Fingertips: Visualize your data and model performance with NeuroGeMs 's interactive data visualisation tools. Gain valuable insights and communicate your findings more effectively.