NeuroGeMs Now Available on GitHub

We're thrilled to announce that NeuroGeMs, our new software developed as a significant outcome of KEDRI's MBIE-funded project in collaboration with NTU (Singapore), is now officially released on GitHub!

NeuroGeMs was first unveiled at the iAIM2023 international AI in Medicine conference. What sets NeuroGeMs apart is its unique blend of features, including multimodal fusion and interpretability, aimed at enhancing the understanding and analysis of complex medical datasets.

We believe that by making NeuroGeMs openly available on GitHub, we're not only empowering researchers and developers but also fostering collaboration and accelerating advancements in the field of medical AI.

Ready to explore NeuroGeMs? Head over to our GitHub repository to access the code and start leveraging its capabilities:

For a direct download of the latest release, visit: