Research groups

The research and development work done by KEDRI's founding director, Professor Nikola Kasabov, and his team is organised into six areas of research.

The NeuLab

Developing applications for the NeuCube, a generic system that needs to be tailored for particular applications.

Brain Data Analysis

Developing contemporary tools for brain data modelling, analysis and understanding, including EEG data, fMRI data, static and dynamic brain data.

Bio & Health Informatics

Developing new methods and systems for biological and health data analysis, modelling, prediction and understanding.

Data Mining & Big Data

Developing new methods for big data modelling, prediction, data mining, rule extraction and understanding, including real time data.

Signal Processing & Pattern Recognition

Developing methods for signal analysis, pattern recognition and predictive data modelling from image and video data.

Study of Creativity

Developing new methods and systems for audio-visual information processing, for concept formation and virtual reality visualisation.


NeuCube is  the world-first development environment and a  computational architecture for the creation of Brain-Like Artificial Intelligence (BLAI), that includes applications across domain areas. It is based on the latest neural network models, called spiking neural networks (SNN).

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