Colorectal Cancer

Vinita Gangaram Jansari is working on a research project related to colorectal cancer with Surgical Engineering Lab at University of Auckland. The project is funded under MedTech Core.  As a part of the collaboration, she is working on two separate case studies with multiple people involved in the project from Surgical Engineering Lab.

The first case study looks at prediction of  risk of anastomotic leak, which is a known complication after bowel resection surgery using the preoperative data. The second case study looks at prediction of risk of prolonged preoperative ileus after surgery using the preoperative data. Both the case studies use patients physiological data and are imbalanced and have a high degree of overlap in the feature space.

The focus of the research is to increase the prediction accuracy along with gaining some meaningful insights from the data in terms of the most meaningful features with respect to the minority class.

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